10 September 2010

Arganat Products combine argan oil and clay in a skin care line that works!

I always check any product that goes onto my skin at the Skin Deep website. Skin Deep, Cosmetic Safety Reviews, offers insight into hazard ratings for personal products. Products are rated between 0 (not a hazard) and 10 (a high hazard). The ratings are further detailed to show what effects the product can have on your overall well being, and what illness and/or disease each ingredient may contribute to, like cancer or sterility. Not surprisingly, on a scale of 0 to 10, Arganat products all rate a 0, without any added warnings or concerns. I was impressed. No hazard warnings means the Arganat product line lives up to its all natural claims, but how would it perform as a cleanser, anti-wrinkle booster and anti-aging enhancer?

The two main ingredients of the Arganat line are Argan Oil and Clay.

Derived from the nuts of the argan plant, argan oil is considered to be nature’s anti-aging skin food. It improves skin’s overall health, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, strengthens elasticity, and protects against stretch marks. Moroccan women have traditionally used argan oil as the basis of their beauty routines. They apply it to their skin, hair and nails. Being rich in vitamin E argan oil is a major anti-oxidant, and the presence of triterpens (I looked this up in the Online Dictionary, but it is not a word Merriam-Webster recognizes. Therefore I am going with the meaning listed on the Arganat site and other sites that sell argan oil products), gives it a restructuring role. Argan oil has the benefits of olive oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil and almond oil, combined.

The clays used in the Arganat product line are green, white, red and yellow. These clays are sun-dried and aged. Clays are absorbing, antiseptic, and healing, and have long been used as skin enhancers. Clays go on in liquid form which allows them to work by penetrating into the cracks, creases and pores. They are then able to grab onto dirt, grime, dead skin cells and oils that cause damage to skin. Some clay based products, like Arganat’s Daily Care for Face and Neck, are intended to dry while on the skin. This drying effect aids in pulling out impurities from pores, thereby offering them a deep cleansing.

During the day you can follow the Daily Care for Face and Neck with the Anti-Wrinkle Treatment. Rich in Argan Oil and Clay the Anti-Wrinkle Treatment is a terrific moisturizer for eyes, face and neck. Squirt it on two cotton pads (organic preferred) and lay on your eyes. I love this because I get 10 minutes to do NOTHING but RELAX while my eyes get a terrific treat. After 10 minutes you can moisturize your face and neck with the same cotton pads you used on your eyes. Just move them around in a circular motion.

The evening routine is almost the same as the day. Follow the Daily Care with the Anti-Wrinkle Treatment, let the treatment dry and then follow with either the Power Cream (this cream is wonderful! I’ve used it on dry itchy elbows, cuts and as a night time moisturizer) or with the Fountain of Youth Serum. Heaven. One thing I will caution about is that the serum has an ever so slight fragrance, which isn’t unpleasant or pleasant it is just “there”. That aside, the serum is great and on my 50+ skin it’s a miracle worker!

Arganat also carries a facial mask that, because I have normal to dry skin, I use once a month. The oilier your skin the more often you can use it – up to 4 times a month. The Scale Preventative Facial Mask will leave your skin clean, refreshed, and pampered. Round out the routine with an Anti-Wrinkle Treatment.

The products in the Arganat line combine to give you great skin, while lessening the appearance of lines and wrinkles. They are recognized by PETA for being cruelty free, listed in the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and are listed with Living Toxin Free.

Arganat is a Canadian Company.